Sweet Life of a Vegan

Welcome to Sweet Life of a Vegan, the place for plant-based recipes of all your favourite baked goods. On the recipes page, you'll find recipes for all occasions and how-to baking videos so you can follow each step with ease.

All of the recipes on this website were created by Audrey Johnson, a UK based vegan baker and keen eater of all things sweet.

About Audrey

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with baking, and snacking. I am a massive foodie all round, but baking has always made me happy.

When I became vegan I had to change all my recipes! I knew I didn't want to compromise on taste or have to use complicated ingredients and methods, and I'm proud of the recipes I have come up with.

I have always enjoyed sharing my baking with friends and family, nothing beats seeing the delight on their faces when they take that first bite! And I hope to do the same with Sweet Life of a Vegan.

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